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Assembl3d is proud to announce an exciting New Strategic Joint Venture with Dutch Catwalk. The venture will focus on consolidating the use of both companies' extensive network and shared expertise in the 3D Printing Industry. The combined assets of both companies are sure to have a positive impact and bring an additional Added Value, not only to the region (province North Holland) but to the Netherlands and Benelux region as whole. The joint projects will cover market segments such as Education, R&D, Fashion & Retail, Design & Communication, Transport & Logistics, Entertainment, Lifestyle & Health and Culture & Tourism. We will keep you posted on upcoming events and projects!

Assembl3d is the parent company of the following business units that are all engaged in 3D Printing:

3DMM Specializes in advising companies in adopting 3D Printing as a production method, a prototyping method or in exploiting lots of other opportunities that 3D Printing promises to bring. 3DMM both advises and executes for its customers. 

3D Makers Zone is THE place to be for businesses that want to start discovering 3D Printing. Because the investments for these individual companies often are perceived to be too high, this cooperation has emerged to lower the barriers for these businesses by jointly investing in technologies like Additive Manufacturing and 3D Scanning. 

The development of knowledge and application of said technologies has resulted in a unique site where all variants of 3D Printing have united using the newest and best machines. During the day, the 3D Makers Zone is a knowledge and innovation center, during the night, it is used as a production facility. The 3D Makers Zone drives innovation, employment and economic growth in the Amsterdam regio, which is an absolute necessity for making the innovation leap that Dutch companies will have to make to be able to keep competing. This center offers major opportunities in networking, cooperating and co-creating with other businesses at this spot.

Assembl3D Media includes all forms of media about 3D Printing that Assembl3d produces. 3Dprint Magazine is the leading consumer blog about 3D Printing in the Benelux, reporting daily about all the revolutionary innovations that are emerging in the field of 3D Printing: Design, manufacturing, fashion, medical, gadgets, toys, art, architecture, sports and inventions. Next to the blog, a consumer lifestyle glossy magazine containing even more content, photos and background articles regularly hits the stores. 

The National 3D-Print Week is Holland's nationwide week of 3D Printing activities that aspires to bring as many people (both B2B and consumers) into contact with 3D Printing. 

The 3D-Print Experience is Holland's most popular 3D Printing festival, combining both exhibitors with stands who showcase the most recent developments in 3D Printing and a large exhibition of famous 3D Printed pieces that leave the visitors bewildered and excited. This event also features a Business Day. 

The 3D-Print Conference is a large international conference in Amsterdam about a varying specific subtheme of Additive Manufacturing with international top speakers. 

3D Heroes is Assembl3d’s education program. This comprehensive program intends to help raise the number of students in the educational system that opt for technical courses and majors. 3D Printing plays an important role in building the attractiveness of the technical studies to equip the workforce of the future with the skills that a modern employee as well as society will profoundly crave. 

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